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Quilt Patterns & Kits

That Last Hill was a Bummer

Kaye Moore Quilt PatternsSven and Torbourg arrived late last night in northern New Mexico for their annual skiing trip. When they awoke this morning they were delighted to find a sunny day and ten inches of new powder. They quickly made their way to the ski lifts. Apparently Torbourg didn’t consider that his skiing skills could have deteriorated over the past year and quite unexpectedly he found himself cresting a mountain. From there it was all downhill (Pun intended) and he found himself head over skis, flying past the shocked Sven. He landed with a thump and found himself scattered over the hillside. You can help Torbourg get himself back together below: download your free pattern, purchase a paper pattern, a wool kit, and/or the embellishments.

FREE Pattern download!! Click Here
Note: Free pattern requires Adobe Reader or Acrobat in order to read. Click here to download the most recent version if you don't already have it! Click the link above, a new window will open up with the file for download, click the download arrow at top of window and save to PC. If you are unable to get files to open automatically when clicking on the link, please right click on file link, click Save Target As... save to your pc and open manually. Thanks!

Wool Kit: $19.95 + $3.50 S/H
Button Packet(12 snowflakes, 12 beads, one red heart): $8.50 + $2.50 S/H
Paper Pattern: $6.50 + $2.50 S/H

Kaye Moore Quilt Patterns Ghouls and Ghosts – Oh, My!

Fabric Kit: $18.50 (free postage)
Button Packet(10 leaves, 3 acorns, 1 cat): $6.50 + $2.50 S/H
Printed Pattern: $6.50 + $1.50 S/H

Kaye Moore Quilt Patterns Tray and Inserts
This galvanized oval tray measures approximately 15-1/2” x 20-1’2” from edge to edge and approximately 13” x 15” inside. You can purchase just the tray, select one or more insert kits or get all the inserts which will be mailed monthly.
TRAY: $24.95 + $8.50 S/H
Please send an insert monthly until I have all twelve: $23.95 plus $3.50 S/H each month.
This will be an automatic charge to your card.

Or buy each Insert Kit separately (listed below)!
Insert Kits: $23.95 + $3.50 S/H each













Kaye Moore Quilt Patterns Tin Star with Inserts
Designed by Kaye Moore
Star - 8 1/2” x 8 1/2”

Tin Star: $5.95 + $3.50 S/H
Insert Kits (Includes Pattern): $7.95 each + $2.50 S/H

Kaye Moore Quilt Patterns CRAZY HALLOWEEN
Designed by Kaye Moore
21” x 27”

Celebrate Halloween with these spooky images on a crazy quilt made of wool. All fabrics, including 52 2” squares and button packet are included in the kit.

Kit with Pattern and Buttons: $89.95 + $6.50 S/H
Pattern with Button Packet: $18.95 + $2.50 S/H
Pattern Only: $14.00 + $1.50 S/H
Button Packet Only: $4.95 + $1.50 S/H

Kaye Moore Quilt Patterns Bowl of Plenty
Designed by Kaye Moore
18” x 25”

The background of this still life is Matka silk and the appliques are of hand-dyed wool. There are hand-dyed velvet accents on the apples and pear. The wool used for the bowl suggests it is made of wood. This would make a beautiful addition to your dining room. The pattern is included in the cost of the kit.

Pattern Only: $12.00 + $2.50 S/H
Kit: $54.95 + $6.50 S/H

Kaye Moore Quilt Patterns THE STORIES OF A BARN
Designed by Jerome Thomas
90” x 102”

This charming quilt tells the story of Matthew and Maggie Olmstead’s farm.  This beautifully designed pattern will be a delight for you and your family.  Each block includes its own part of the story.  Background is Maywood Flannel and appliques are hand-dyed wool. FOR A LIMITED TIME, if you purchase the 12 pattern packet you will received the last pattern (a $25.00 value) at no cost, making your purchase $133.00 + $4.50 S/H

Pattern Only: $158.00 + $4.50 S/H

Kaye Moore Quilt Patterns BLOSSOMS OF SNOWFLAKES
Designed by Kaye Moore
56” x 60”

The simple color palette for this quilt is a soft butter yellow Maywood flannel for the background and three colors of hand-dyed wool for the appliques. The flowers in each block are embellished with seed pearls.

Pattern Only: $20.00 + $3.50 S/H
Kit (Includes pattern): $199.00 + $12.00 S/H

Kaye Moore Quilt Patterns BEE SKEP WALL QUILT
Designed by Carried Away Designs
31” x 40”

This wall hanging is appliqued using hand-dyed wool on a background of Maywood flannel in a black/brown hue.  The easy to stitch motifs are embellished with embroidery stitches, examples of which are included in the pattern.  The kit includes all fabrics for the quilt top  – the batting and backing are not included.

Pattern Only: $16.00 + $3.50 S/H
Kit (Includes pattern): $79.95 + $6.50 S/H

Kaye Moore Quilt Patterns Grace and Blessings
Designed by Kaye Moore
17-1/2" x 27-1/2"

Place this greeting for your guests in your entry hall to welcome them into your home.  Hand-dyed appliques on hand-dyed linen. 

Pattern Only: $12.00 + $3.50 S/H
Kit (Includes pattern): $39.95 + $5.50 S/H

Kaye Moore Quilt Patterns STORY OF THE NATIVITY
Designed by Kaye Moore
6 ornaments – 4” x 5-1/2”
1 Ornament – 4-1/2 x 6-1/2”

Seven ornaments tell the magical story of the Nativity.  Can be used to adorn your Christmas tree and bring the true message of Christmas to your celebrations. Ornaments are made of hand-dyed wool and kit includes all embellishments
Pattern Only: $12.50 + $3.50 S/H
Kit (Includes pattern): $35.95 + $4.50 S/H

Kaye Moore Quilt Patterns JOYOUS SEASON
Designed by Kaye Moore
4” x 5-1/2”

These four ornaments have a wool background, backing and design. Use them to decorate your tree or as gift tags. All embellishments included in the pattern.
Pattern Only: $9.50 + $3.50 S/H
Kit (Includes pattern): $29.95 + $4.50 S/H

The Emily Monroe Quilt Heartfelt Ornaments
Designed by Ewe-Nique Creations
For Kaye Moore

Pattern Only: $8.95 + $1.50 S/H
Kit (Includes all fabric, pattern and accessories): $21.50 + $4.50 S/H

The Emily Monroe Quilt Country Ornaments
Designed by Ewe-Nique Creations
For Kaye Moore

Pattern Only: $8.95 + $1.50 S/H
Kit (Includes all fabric, pattern and accessories): $21.50 + $4.50 S/H

The Emily Monroe Quilt Grandpa's Milk Can
Designed by Ewe-Nique Creations for
Kaye Moore
18" x 24" Dimensional Applique

Kit Contains all the wools for this dimensional applique piece and the pattern. It can be framed or finished with a binding for a wallhanging.

Kit: $58.00 + $6.50 S/H
Pattern Only: $10.00 + $1.50 S/H

The Emily Monroe Quilt Chickadee in the Pines
Designed by Ewe-Nique Creations
for Kaye Moore
10" x 12" Oval Mat

Kit includes all the applique fabrics, backing and pattern.

Kit: $28.50 +$ 4.50 S/H
Pattern Only: $7.00 + $1.50 S/H

The Emily Monroe Quilt The Emily Monroe Quilt
Presented by Foncie Quinn
Size: 68” x 59-1/2”

This quilt was made by Emily Munroe around 1865 and now hangs in the New England Quilt Museum in Lowell, Mass. Froncie Quinn has been licensed by the museum to pattern some of their quilts and this is her first presentation.

The finished blocks on this quilt measure approximately 8-1/2” x 8-1/2”. The background fabrics used in the original quilt are a variety of leftovers from clothing and other fabric repurposed by Emily Munroe. The appliqués are wools.

The pattern includes a color photo of each block with instructions and templates and comes packaged in a box for storing your blocks until you are ready to set them together. Froncie has included some historical information about the quilt and Emily Munroe. As a bonus, she also has included in the pattern a magnetized needlekeeper and thread keeper. This quilt could truly become a family heirloom.

Pattern Only: $125 + $6.50 S/H

Quilt Patterns & Kits Log Cabin Surround
Designed by Kaye Moore
Approx. 36” x 54”

Working with wool is wonderful, but you soon discover you have a stash of small wool leftover pieces that are impossible to throw away. This quilt was designed to use those precious scraps. Primitive log cabin blocks surround a two-story log cabin and make quick work of putting those scraps to good use.

Pattern Only: $10 + $1.50 S/H

Quilt Patterns & Kits My Sewing Room
Designed by Heart to Hand
Approx. 33” x 42”

Make this decorative and useful quilt for your sewing room. It is made from a combination of cotton, homespun, marbled flannel and 100% hand-dyed wool. Bottom row of quilt is series of pockets to store your thimble, tape measure, patterns, etc. The prairie point border is just the right size to slip a yardstick through to make a hanger. Backing and batting not included.

Pattern Only: $9.50 + $1.50 S/H
Kit (Includes pattern): $95.00 + $5.50 S/H

Quilt Patterns & Kits Snowy Days
Designed by Kathy Campbell
Approx. 23” x 37”

Make this adorable wall hanging sized quilt to help you usher in Snowy Days and Frosty Nights. Kit contains all items needed to make the top. You are responsible for batting and backing. Fabrics used are 100% hand-dyed wool, marbled flannel, cotton and homespun. Large images make for quick stitching.

Pattern Only: $9.50 + $1.50 S/H
Kit (Includes pattern): $59.95 + $6.50 S/H

Quilting Patterns and Kits Settler’s Pride
Designed by Maggie Bonanomi for Blackberry Primitives
56″ x 60″

Pattern Only: $48.00 + $1.50 S/H
Kit: $350.00 + $5.50 S/H

Quilting Patterns and Kits Vintage Valentine
Designed by The Vintage Spool – 72″ x 72
Purchase this pattern designed by Verna Mosquera and create this romantic Valentine inspired quilt.

Pattern Only: $64.00 + $2.50 S/H

Quilting Patterns and Kits Primavera
Designed by Verna Mosquera
Primavera means “Spring” in Italian. This quilt reflects Spring images in pastels.

Pattern Only: $24.95 + $2.50 S/H

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